Meeting Minutes from the General Assembly on Tuesday November 22nd 2011

Introduction including hand signals…

Agenda this evening –     Direct Actions

Challenge: come up with 12 direct actions tonight

from Cathleen O’Neill, a community organizer with Spectacle of Defiance and Hope

  1. Collect change for the homeless and people in need
  2. Leave building materials outside banks, in lieu of 5 or 10 euros off an individual’s mortgage
  3. Mic Check in banks
  4. Flash Protest – 12/15 people take signs and placards to St. Stephen’s Green, Grafton Street and at a sign to FREEZE, and to flier people as they pass by.
  5. During lunch hour traffic, get a group of people to react at an alarm sound, to lie down on the street to stop traffic for 60 seconds, till the next alarm sounds, and then to rise again.
  6. Mortgage Strike – to be decided how this would be coordinated
  7. Choose a day to march continuously up Kildare Street and back down Dawson Street where government offices are located, with our placards
  8. Organise a dance flash mob
  9. World Wide Occupy Movement Mic Check on New Year’s Eve
  10. Online and paper petition against the next tranche of the payment to unsecured bondholders
  11. National School teacher to take a class to local AIB bank and hold a class
  12. Target students in the local colleges to facilitate Occupy UCD, Trinity etc.
  13. Pick a night where a group of people put fliers and posters everywhere, all around the city.
  14. Print our own money, up to the value of the debt, and make a spectacle of making a gift of that money to the bank.
  15. Give a piece of art to the bank, that represents the Occupy movement.
  16. Make bumper / car stickers for cars and taxi’s so they are mobile around the city.
  17. Place stickers on coins themselves so that they pass between people.
  18. Write ‘Occupy Dame Street’ on our banknotes.
  19. Serve an eviction order to Dail Eireann.
  20. Go into banks where mortgages are held and repossess their furniture/equipment.
  21. Organise a flash mob outside constituency offices or outside a hospital that is about to be closed or is affected by cuts.

Any Other Business:

  • A proposal to upload an online petition on the ODS website to ask for a BAN on HYDRAULIC FRACTURING (FRACKING) for UNCONVENTIONAL GAS from shale.  Consensus was reached to go ahead with the petition.


  • A discussion is to be had on the format of the GA to make them more effective.  A proposal is to use the GA on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for DECISION MAKING POWERS and the GA’s on Tuesday and Thursday can be used for sub-groups and in-house meetings.

It is necessary to solidify the GA policy, e.g. what happens when something gets blocked?

  • Confirmation was given in response to a question that we have a firm of solicitors who are acting on our behalf.


  • Leaked documents from the American Bankers Association are online today about the fact that they are coordinating a plan to counter the global Occupy movement, and the have even set aside a fund of $850,000 to fund this plan.  This can be used to the advantage of the Occupy movement and shows that it is having an impact.


  • Proposal to put an invitation to Central Bank to mediate a dialogue between us, to engage with them in how to move forward.


  • Suggestion that we need to work on a proposal for a solution that will benefit the 99% globally.  Volunteers for a working group are invited to meet with Clare tomorrow (Wednesday) evening at 7.30pm at the camp.


  • Beryl from the Lucan / Clondalkin community group extends an invite to participants of the ODS to attend a workshop tomorrow evening (Wednesday) at 5.30 at CCU/CCEDS Aras Rualach, Centre for the Unemployed, Nellstown Road, Clondalkin, Dublin 22, and to sign a Book of Grievances in solidarity with the Spectacle of Defiance and Hope.


  • A national meeting of the Occupy Movements is to take place this Saturday evening, November 26th, after the DCTU march.


  • A FUNDRAISER is to take place this Saturday evening, November 26th in Cassidys, Westmoreland Street, Dublin 2.


  • There is a protest outside the Egyptian embassy this Saturday, November 26th at 3pm, in solidarity with the events this week in Tahrir Square.


  • An Irish Conversation Group is to meet this and every Tuesday at 8pm at the camp.


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