General Assembly



  • Announcement about the upcoming Spectacle of Defiance (SD) street theatre march happening on 3 Dec and 2pm from City Hall. (more info at An ODS subgroup will work with the SD, in particular …
    • SD need a sound truck
    • SD want us to add our voice
    • SD are coming to ODS this Monday for the GA and beforehand to chat.
    • SD need help with fundraising
  • Outreach
    • How does the ODS movement go forward.
    • Move Occupy University events to outside the camp also.
    • Support resources for the camp
    • Use camp as exhibition space.
    • Tomorrow (Thursday) there will be an Outreach group meeting at 4.30pm.
    • Attitude in camp of superiority (campers to 99%)
  • The Meeting then broke into groups to discuss how Outreach for ODS might be developed.
    • Group 1:
      • Occupy UCD
      • One day a week at university – info desk, flyers, mic check
      • Support other campaigns – find events actively
      • Link groups involved in SD – come and talk at ODS
      • Build relationships, people connections
      • Songs of struggle – link – 16th December
      • Grassroots groups – Rossport/Anti-Fascist Action – with same issues different angles
    • Group 2:
      • Post Flyers
      • Contact food coop
      • Make events more clear – what’s currently happening
    • Group 3:
      • Reach out to communities and national organisations with similar aims.
      • Highlight the benefits of working with ODS. What can ODS do for you? What can you do

for ODS?

      • Communicate/Collaborate e.g. Debt & Development Coalition 60 orgs, Irish Environmental

Organisation, Broken Justice Movement, umbrella organisations + target individuals.

    • Group 4:
      • Clarify assembly procedures, mock assemblies to show how it works.
      • Be more welcoming at the camp.
      • Lack of communication between camp and media group.
      • Irish language group.
      • Occupy Cafe
      • Bank of ideas in London – access point to Occupy
    • Proposals from Talk
      • Pearse College – talk and mock assembly
      • groups and individuals from ODS or anybody for that matter who feels inspired by Occupy should take responsibility for taking some of occupy ideas and practises like the GAs into the places, groups they are involved
      • Camp does not want to be insular
        • needs help
      • Outreach to Students
        • focus assignments + papers on ODS related issues
        • link studies nationally and internationally
          • broad range of subjects
        • Creative Collaboration
        • Spread Occupy Awareness
        • Large Arts group from Wexford + NCAD on Friday – Art and info session
        • Solutions – need more people – re-invigorate
      • A specific welcome area where someone would be designated to answer questions.
    • Outreach Team asked for
      • liasing with other Occupiers
      • Flyering team
      • Research volunteers
      • The camp cannot look like a subculture – we are everyone
      • Exhibitions here
      • District Outreach – assemblies/events outside Dame Street
    • Call for more people at GA’s. People power to make outreach work.


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