The kindness we have seen from both people and local businesses has been brilliant and is sincerely appreciated. Below is a list of things we would happily accept should anyone wish to help us further.


UPDATE 28Nov.11

  • hand trolly
  • large pots and pans for soup kitchen
  • beam loom


UPDATE 25Nov. 11

  • duct tape
  • rope
  • tarps
  • pallets
  • water butts
  • nails
  • felt tacks
  • cavity blocks
  • permanent magnet DC motors
  • elastic bands

Most Urgent as of 19/11/11

  • Cooler
  • Rope
  • Water (for drinking- tap is ok. Foggy due water is not seen as fit for human consumption)
  • Bulldog clips
  • Corrie board (election poster material)
  • Megaphones
  • Batteries (sizes C and AAA)


  • King Span
  • Screws (50mm and 100mm)
  • Nails
  • Large canvas tents (or old large army tents)
  • large sheets of plywood/MDF



  • 1/2′ Plywood 8ftx4ft Sheets
  • Polyurethene Heavy Gauge Rolls
  • Nuts And Bolts
  • Staple Guns
  • Cable Ties
  • Rachet Straps
  • Diesel Generator
  • Tarps
  • Duct Tape (for Posters)
  • Security Fencing


  • Security Box
  • Cheap/Free Printing
  • Art Supplies (paints, Brushes, Markers, Spray Paint Etc…)

Camping Equipment

  • Tents & Sleeping Bags
  • Blankets
  • Tipees
  • Warm Garments
  • Outdoor Heater
  • Fire Extinguisher


  • Hot Food
  • Hot Water
  • Burco Boilers
  • Juicer
  • Cooler Boxes
  • Trestle Tables

Electronics & Communications

  • Dictaphones
  • Digital Cameras
  • Video Cameras
  • Laptops
  • External Hard Drives
  • Broadband dongles

Holistic therapists to support by offering treatments to the campers

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54 Responses to Wish List

  1. Eóin Breathnach says:

    I tried to get about 30 sheets of 4 X 3 new shheets of chip into my car for ya all yesterday, fúckin back door wouldnt close by about 2 inches after i put them all in, i will have to see if i can get a man with a van or if you have anyone that can collect we can arrange.

    • jason kearney says:

      There is a van available for transport. Request it on the facebook page, cheers!

      • Eóin Breathnach says:

        Im not on facebook, nor do i ever to intend to be, send on the details to my e-mail & i’ll arrange it.

        • jason kearney says:

          whats your email? mine is [email protected]

  2. Occupy All The Streets « says:

    [...] to see what they stood for and what they are demanding from our Government.  I clicked on their Wish List to discover a list of goods they’d like donated to the camp.  It took a minute or two to [...]

    • Michael Conlon says:

      Guys, I’m the blogger on I did not write the comment above! I’m not worried about it as i’m not sure what its point is. Just posting this for clarity.

  3. jason kearney says:

    Request to add items to wishlist for new kitchen.

    Insulation, aeroboard or kingspan, anything will do.

    3″x2″ lengths of timber, anything over 2 metres, preferably weatherproof treated, though not essential.

    WBP (waterproof) 4ftx8ft plywood, 12mm thickness (i know its on the list but we need waterproof sheets)

    Chicken wire

    Felt/waterproof material

    4″ nails

    40mm, 50mm or 60mm screws

    Weatherseal or other weatherproofing sealant.

    Any type of old window or even just glass by itself

  4. Eóin Breathnach says:

    I’ll drop in with some of the stuff from the list in a day or two, is any size wood sheeting good?

    No where near 8X4 but have some sheets of chipboard?

    • jason kearney says:

      Hi, I’m sure we’ll make use of the chipboard. If you have any 3″x2″ long lengths that’d be good too. Anything over 2 metres… Also 4″ nails, and 40 mm screws. Cheers

  5. finbar says:

    Since the floods last week, we have had to get rid of a lot of our blankets, sleeping bags and duvets which have been destroyed and these really need replacing if any of you kind folks would like to help. Also, there is not very much protein rich foods in the camp, if people have anything in their fridges to spare and could drop it down that would be great.

  6. Stephen says:

    I support this movement because Ireland, Europe, USA everywhere has to be run on the principles of justice, honesty and fairness. No one has been held accountable for this crash and the system that caused has not been changed. Therefore, it will happen again. It’s simply morally wrong.

    It is wrong to say it was inevitable because greed is human nature or that the banking system is too complicated for us to prosecute. WE need to replace those in power with people with principles. There are plenty of them smart and ungreedy enough to run things.

    I have my own business, I’m 40, with a family to support. Now a 1/4 of what I pay of my rising tax bill doesn’t go to the schools, roads, hospitals of my country any more, it now pays the losses of bad businesses who were invested in by greedy banks. Our government caved out of fear and agreed to cover their losses by gutting our country.

    This is still nominally a democracy. We the people of Ireland should hand this debt back to those who created it. We will not have to “get back on our feet” because we should not be working to pay for the failures of a minority.

    • Eric says:


      I support this movement because Ireland, Europe, USA everywhere has to be run on the principles of justice, honesty and fairness.
      Why don’t you apply these principles on a personal level ?

      Un-friending me at Facebook and not accepting my phone calls for the reason you heard some gossip about me feels to me like being prosecuted before a fair trail has taken place.

      Especially after my attempts to save you euro 161 or more on your donation for which I have been 4 times to the shop you bought the equipment and had several phone calls with managers.
      Furthermore I have showed you and your family around the camp and accommodated you in your quest to play, under-while taking care that your family-members would agree to that and at least had something to drink to overcome the waiting-time.

      At present I’m not angry but certainly disappointed, because I have put my hands in fire for you, treated you with more respect than all my camp friends and get unjustified condemnation in return.



    • Eric says:

      Have been to the shop for the fifth time.

      This time good news, they want you to come back with original receipt (in camp) and than they will refund you the 161 Euro.

      I also have bad news: last time I visited the camp, I saw that 3 out of 4 panels where broken.
      Earlier I had put fragile stickers on it, but someone else wrapped it up nicely but forgot to put the stickers on.


  7. Tigz says:

    Good work guys,. Shame about the negative comments… why would you bother? Me and a mate will be up tomorrow to have a chat and to see what help we can give!

  8. Brian says:

    I have to say that you guys are our only hope. I’ve been working in Banking and for the corrupt EU government and the only hope for the future is to get us out of the corrupt EU and a total reform of all banking laws. The Irish judiciary has also been compromised – with our Attorney General attending Bilderberg meetings… he’s bought and paid for. We are the 99% and we need to reclaim our country from those lying thieving bastards. I’m presently trying to figure out how I can survive by no longer working for this system.

  9. Mickeroo says:

    Good on the ODS! I can bring more tarps to camp but I am throwing an idea out re construction: scaffolding frames can be sought for a nominal amount these days. With decent sizeable tarps, pallets, rope and side sheeting – a more sustainable habitable spaceman be made. Let’s make a big ask to anyone with scaffolding contacts. Scaffolding – the near forgotten left-overs from the so-called times. Spare crane. And wrecking ball, anyone?

  10. Tycho says:

    Large supply of a good few of these items incoming, just sorting out transport. Keep up the good fight you legends!

  11. sinead says:

    well done one and all, truely inspiring stuff!

  12. Eefa says:

    @ Yawn: Get a job? Yeah why didn’t all those other unemployed people think of that!? Maybe some of them chose to quit work because they felt so strongly for he cause, either way whether they work or not is irrelevant.
    They’re obviously using the technology to organise the events and to keep people in touch with what their plans are. This is how the majority of people communicate these days. Taking the time to train pigeons to carry their messages to the people would be a bit inefficient, to say the least. The revolution will have passed us by by that stage. ”Priorities please”? They are living in tents on Dame street! I support them 100% but I’m still go home to my warm house. So they sell their Iphones/pods for bout €100, and what? Corporate greed ends? The banks start taking accountability? Cuts to schools and vital services are ceased? SNAs are rehired? Household tax doesn’t happen? CEO’s relinquish their bonuses? They don’t frack in Ireland? The rich stop getting richer on the backs of the poor? The IMF will let us look after our financial decisions? We’ll regain our economic soverignity?
    This is about a lot more than corporate greed this is for everyone’s grievances regarding the above examples and more. So what if they have IPhones, they’ve started a platform for some people who’ve lost everything but hope. They’re making a stand for people who probably wouldn’t have done it themselves and all you can comment on is the fact they have Iphones. Open your eyes to the wider picture it’s a much better view.
    Like the Chinese Proverb says: Those who say it cannot be done shouldn’t interrupt those who are doing it.

  13. yawn says:

    Get a job guys. Was talking to a few of the protesters. Everyone was giving out about corporate. greed and how bad things are in Ireland, yet they could afford to have iphones/ipods and top of the range laptops. Priorities please.

    • pist off says:

      I have a Degree, two vocational qualifications, I am currently studying part time, working in a full time job I am overqualified and underpaid to do, paying a mortgage on a house in negative equity, supporting occupy Dame street and you have the cheek to piss and moan because someone has a phone. help out or step aside.

    • Cillian says:

      Another cheap comment!

      I work myself, but does that mean I don’t have grievances about the system? Also, what did you expect in Dame Street? Hermits? Laptops (this reply is off one) are not that expensive anymore and are IMO pretty standard. I also have a smartphone (Samsung) from last year which was actually not very expensive at all – smartphones are pretty standard now!

      Get a Life!

      • jason kearney says:

        You dont have to be struggling and skint yourself to give a shit about other people… I believe the word is “compassion”. Look it up Yawn, its an interesting phenomenon.

  14. Andre says:

    fire extinguisher coming tomorrow! :)

  15. not important says:

    Your all doing an amazing job… I know it’s easy for me to say whilst sat at home… But I need to work full time to pay my rent at the moment. I will certainly be at the march on saturday though and seeing what I can do to help with the needed items!

    Keep up the amazing work!! we are all behind you!!

  16. Simon Quinn says:

    Question for co-ordinators of ODS. Would a big laminated wishlist sign be a good idea for ODS? I would sort that out and hopefully let people passing by see what donations are mostly needed. (as most people probably just assume you need food which you have enough of)

    • emily says:

      i originally put up a wishlist on cardboard when the camp began, then it got transferred online. a laminated one or even a board or something would be great as the original one has gone missing. thanks

  17. sophie smyth says:

    Well done guys, I’ll see what I can do re wishlist items and hopefully join ye soon.

  18. rayber says:

    well done to all involved- great to see the wish list empowers us by letting us know how we can get involved and help out-

    never mind the buzz killers who critisise on their arses online!

    • Cillian says:

      That’s a good point – after all, it’s our protest as we are the 99%. I feel the shame of every day that goes by without any contribution from me as of yet. The least I can do is the visit this site regularly and voice my support.

      Still self brain storming on what to contribute!

  19. uno says:

    To ‘Anonymous Coward’: your name pretty much says it all, but just to point it out, citizens asking for companies (banks) to take responsibility for their own debts & not have the State cover them, and wanting the national government to protect national interests and resources instead of selling them to private foreign corporations, does not make one a Communist. Think before you type.

  20. Al says:

    15/10/11, this will be marked in the calendar of time. The start of a movement! The start of a revolution! 99%

  21. Anonymous Coward says:

    Bunch of Commies!!


    • Cillian says:

      Coward is right – what a cheap remark against people who have the moral courage to stand up for what is right and risk rejection in doing so. The people who will change things are those who take risks – like what John Hume did for peace in Northern Ireland. You certainly don’t seem to fit that category.

      Power to Occupy Dame Street.

  22. Sheila says:

    BTW will also bring in some supplies to help out :)

  23. Sheila says:

    Well done to all of you for lasting the pace so far, hopefully tomorrow 15th will bring much needed reinforcements and give an extra boost of energy! I look forward to joining you then :)

  24. Ian Dunphy says:

    Power to the people. If someone has the time to make an absent minded comment like that obliviously life hasn’t effected them like the rest of us cause all i felt when i looked at this page was how can i HELP and NOT to criticize other decent human beings who are not only standing up for them selves but for all of us who are in dire straits and its certainly not our fault we didn’t cause the mess but none the less we pick up the pieces as per usual. I watched as my parents did it struggle to survive to give me a better live and what did i get in return from this lovely country. I now in turn struggle to survive to provide for my son to try give him a good chance at life i leave with this. Pay the rent or food for the table????? My life in a nut shell. Power to the ordinary decent people of Ireland. Tiocfaidh ár lá

  25. Deirdre says:

    Thank you for doing this. You are brave and smart people. I love the Guardian article. Not an easy job keeping a protest like that ‘polite’ and peaceful. I live in Waterford but will bring/send stuff soon.
    What’s best to bring food wise?

  26. Dewk says:

    I suggest vitamins

  27. linda says:

    Hey…what kind of printing are ye looking for? I could probably do some black and white and a small bitta colour stuff in work? Is it that type of thing?

    • Cillian says:

      Go to the ‘Flyer Download’ tab and print off one or two PDF copies – then go to a stationary shop to get some photocopies. I’m thinking doing the same myself – I might distribute them on the train in time for the evening rush – it’ll be next week though if I do get a chance.

  28. occupydamestreet says:

    Noreen, this was not a movement started by a specific group or people, all organisation such as logistics etc was, and is being decided after the fact (Saturday, 8th October). The generosity shown to us has been fantastic and we put this list up so that if people want to help us they have a list of items we need.

    • Treacy O'Connor says:

      I think you are doing an amazing job guys!! Keep up the good work. From each individual coming together to form the strong group that you now are, building on talents you have, you are achieving so much. I will contact some suppliers re your wish list to see what can be done.
      Thank you for your strength, courage and motivation :)

  29. Noreen Kennedy says:

    Who are ye hoping will fill this wish list, I think a bit more organising and forward planning should have been done before ye set up camp

    • Deirdre says:

      It’s a pity the responses open with this. That’s as much as I’m going to say as I’m practicing being ‘angry but decidedly polite’ (as the protesters were described in The Guardian) for when I can come join you.

    • Cillian says:

      At least those people are standing up and doing something!!! It’s ultimately for all our good you know!

    • anon Y mous says:

      noreen, I’m not in Dame Street, but I will be visiting next week. I live in france, and have brought similar items to the group in strasbourg when I went on the 15th. It is very easy, when you know how to interact with people, to get others to help. Unfortunately, some folks,(usually begrudgers) prefer greed, and nay-saying, but I managed to raise a lot of items for the group in strasbourg.
      If you are so negative, why visit this page. Why not occupy your couch, and keep watching the prescribed media, and being a slave to big corporations.