A list of some of the coverage the movement has received so far. If you see more, please post it to Facebook or in the comments section.

Guardian: Occupy Dame Street: Irish bank protesters stage well-mannered sit-in

theJournal.ie: Video: Occupy Dame Street protesters explain aims of ‘people’s movement’

Huffington Post: Occupy Wall Street Spreads To Ireland

Herald: I’m an academic and a dad – I must make a stand for my kids’ future

Irish Times: Central Bank camp protesters vow to keep going

RTÉ: No plans to end ‘Occupy Dame Street’ protest

RTÉ: Occupy Dame Street protest enters third night

RTÉ: (radio interviews)

Irish Times: ‘Occupy Dame Street’ campaign prepared for long haul

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7 Responses to Press

  1. Diarmaid Ó Seigefriede says:

    Check out poem filmed and done by London occupy suppporter at ODS 15th feb 2012

  2. Aine says:

    This movement should include every single person who has been let down by the Irish Government, unfortunately the majority refuse to act.

  3. Michael says:

    As a victim of the government helping people to missappropriate money from bank accounts, I hope this goes somewhere, but I do not think Irish people will fight before they have to.

  4. kenny says:

    we need more people like you in this country,we do not protest enough,im hope this is the start of something big,no guts no glory.

  5. paul says:

    keep it up . keep it up . keep it up .
    let’s get the leaders of all these countries to make practical decisions based on fairness to the ordinary and middle class people .

  6. Sheila says:

    Keep up the good work! Look forward to joining you on Saturday, wish I could stay over but circumstances don’t allow it although I am following all this very closely, watching the events build up around the world :) It is heartening to see so many people join together in their disgust of a system run on corruption and greed!

  7. Katie Smith says:

    I have tried to take the day off on Saturday 15th to join ye on Damestreet but my efforts have been unsuccessful, I shall be there in spirit and support and respect all those currently standing up for the rights of the 99% on DameStreet, you are truly our heroes!