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  1. John McHugh says:

    Whilst I commend the the motive of the occupy movement, ambiguity will lead nowhere.

    You are jumping ahead of yourselves with your current demands.
    If you demanded that articles 47 and 48 be reinstated into the Irish constitution you can give a voice back to the people and lay the foundation for reform throughout the state.

    Articles 47 and 48 of the provisional constitution allowed the citizen to initiate legislation through petition, if you got enough signatures a general election would be held and if decided by the people the legislation would be put in place.

    The articles also allowed the citizen to veto legislation devized by the political representatives.
    If we still had the power to veto legislation on a constitutional level then we could have brought the political representatives who passed the bus lane legislation to court for passing legislation behind the electorates back and hiding behind the freedom of information act.

    Obviously if we cant initiate or veto legislation then our political system will only get worse.
    There is no incentive for any of the parties to keep campaign promises nor will there be until they are held accontable to the electorate.

    Right now everyone is blind, they have no idea whether a party will do as they say they will and the party does not see the promises they make as being a condition of their mandate.

    Its the best way of reforming the system as it involves two articles which would ensure that the legislative process is democratically secure without needing to convolute our constitution.

    Its a constitutional smart bomb which was removed by fianna fail without the states consent. Yes they removed the articles from the constitution without brining it before the people. To make things worse they(the guys with the guns) threatened the state with perpetual war if anyone stood up to them for doing so.

    The occupy movements are currently benefiting from the process of direct democracy, that is what your demand should be about. Integrating it back into our constitution.

    The issue of the centralized fiat currency and national resources could then be brought before the people to decide.

    You can find more information on

  2. slav tesla says:

    To US the 99%.

    I agree with pete dolby( great article btw), the system of finance that we have today was created along time ago and many cannot see out of the system itself and the mis-educated information that is being put forward about it.

    The system was designed by the 1%, of which they consider themselves your master and by GOD they will not let you win this battle.

    They give the person(us 99%) just enough freedom to make the masses think they have a choice in which they live there lives (there is no better stratergy then divide and conquer).

    Yes you own your own house, drive any car you want, buy all the fancy cloths, follow any sports team you like, watch you favourite movie and so on but all of this is part of the magic trick- “the hand is quicker than the eye”.

    First you must realise,information is the key to success as the 99%, eduction(true fact) is the tool in which to push forward the truth and solidarity by the masses(us 99%) to realise the truth.

    Slavery is a construct and the best slave is the one that is willing to serve his master(stockholm syndrome). If this is the way i present the world to you then it is the only world you know. So what do you change?

    Well the answer is nothing, you can have different flavours but icecream stays icecream. This leads to a circular arguments and reasoning, so to move out of the mind set(us 99%) must start to see the magic trick for what it is(mass control).

    I make this stand be effective one must take the 1% main power from them – “money”. This is easier done then you may believe produces excellent results quickley.

    How – Stop the flow of money to the institutions that are essential to there lively hood,removed the grease from the bearings of the machine.And we have more solidarity as the 99% in this respect then any other.

    Firstly – withdraw all you saving and money from the banks. (this will cripple them in a day).
    Secondly – Stop paying any insurance policy you have.(with 3 months insurance firm is bankrupt).
    Thirdly – Stop paying house hold energy bill and others.( cashflow is the life blood of this industry, stop the flow you stop the beast)

    Only support the 99%, unity is strength!

  3. Pete Dalby says:

    Hi everyone,thanks to all the Occupy Dame Street movement for the huge efforts by so many caring and decent people who seek a better way towards a genuine and fairer democracy.This is an age old common goal and dream of so many millions of people of both past and present generations.I for one am 100% in support and appreciate their efforts beyond words.
    I’ve been trying to play my part and do my bit.One fairly successful way I have found to help has been by researching some history of how money is created,bankers ‘charters’ and what fractional reserve banking is really all about etc..and then posting about it on ‘comments and replies’ to the published news stories which appear daily on my ‘Yahoo’homepage. Some of the stories are Irish only,others are English,others International all of which potentially get read by hundreds of thousands of people.The topics of these stories vary wildly..I generally pick ones to post on that are occupy/money/war/political/riots etc related.
    Most of us agree that communication is the key to freedom along with affinity and reality. I have tried to base my posts on those principles and observations and knowledge gained from my study of banking and life in general. Btw,I once talked to a banker who admitted that much of banking was based on ‘imaginary money’.
    1st post follows if anyone is interested to read.

    “For arguments sake,there are 2 types of people; there are those who make money from work and there are those who make money from money. Once you realise the guys in the second bracket are taking the money away from the guys in the first, you have no choice but to start asking questions. I don’t see any parliamentry enquiry about this so we can assume that the majority there are in the second bracket.It’s a simple process of elimination. That’s why I did my own investigation. Some quotes which helped me.

    –”Banks lend by creating credit. (ledger-entry credit, monetised debt) They create the means of payment out of nothing.” — Ralph M. Hawtrey, Secretary of the British Treasury.

    –”The bankers own the earth. Take it away from them and leave them the power to create money and with the flick of the pen they will create enough money to buy it back again. However, take away the power from them to create money and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money”. Sir Joseph Stamp. Former director of the bank of England.

    –”The process by which money is created is so simple that the mind is repelled”
    and same man,
    “The study of money, above all other fields in economics, is one in which complexity is used to disguise truth or to evade truth, not to reveal it.” …”Money from whence it came..”John Kenneth Galbraith. Famed economist author and adviser to Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B.Johnson.

    –”Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws.”– Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild.

    –The National Banking Act was promoted as establishing safeguards for the new national banking system; but while it was an important first step toward a truly national bank, it was only a compromise with the bankers, and buried in the fine print, it gave them exactly what they wanted. A private communication from a Rothschild investment house in London to an associate banking firm in New York dated June 25, 1863, confided:

    Quote….”The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits or so dependent upon its favors that there will be no opposition from that class while, on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending . . . will bear its burdens without complaint.” [Web of Debt, p. 93]

    so there we have it..according to the rothschilds, now estimated to be worth $500 trillion (see wiki)…we, “the great body of people, MENTALLY INCAPABLE OF COMPREHENDING . .will bear its burdens without complaint.” …Says it all really… Now that I do understand AND FULLY COMPREHEND mr rothschild….are you going to give me and my countries money back that you duped us for?????…. Gold would be best!..if u don’t mind!.. oh and eh..there’s a bit of interest too..

    and finally my fellow money slaves… that total ‘Cat out of the Bag” …beaut
    –”The bank hath benefit of interest on all moneys which it creates out of nothing.”… William Paterson, Founder of the bank of England in 1694,then a privately owned bank..

    Whats that song go….”A new day will dawn for those who stand long
    and the forests will echo with laughter…”

    Watch “Money as Debt” (47mins) for a master class in understanding. (continued see part 2)

    Part 2
    It’s a “Racketeer Monetary Syndicate System” Watch “Money as Debt”, 47 mins.for a complete understanding. Essential viewing now more than ever.

    “The bank hath benefit of interest on all moneys which it creates out of nothing”
    William Patterson, Founder of the bank of England in 1694,then a privately owned bank.
    Cop on..they loan (one)1 part of genuine money..but 9 parts are conjured up money!,only existing as ledger entries in banker-books/computers..hence he said “OUT OF NOTHING” =9:1 fractional reserve…COP ON TO IT!..this is how/where they get there MEGGA’s a monster fraud. aagghh! aagghh! aagghhhhhhhhhh..No Clothes,No clothes!

    The truth is that banks are given ‘charters’(c-wiki) by us the people/government or monarchs through voting, to CREATE MONEY and loan it back to us AT INTEREST.Banks conjure it up “out of nothing”.Eg.1M DEPOSITS=LOAN OUT 10M.The scam is they charge normal interest on the pretend 9M.They never count the 9M as profit,too obvious,just the interest.When the loan is paid back,the 9M is wiped off their books and they pocket the interest…aagghhh!

    The English Parliament gave 1st charter in 1694 to William Patterson a private banker allowing the new and then private bank of England to create some(approx-50/50) new money not backed by gold and created “out of nothing”..called fractional reserve.Its now 9:1,aagghh! even more!! The whole world needs to confront this full on artifice of theft and get educated.

    Also applies to mortgages,10% reserve/deposit by slave/buyer,then 90% is allowed to be created at the stroke of a pen and a printing press “OUT OF NOTHING”.Slave/buyer pays interest on the 90% conjured up “OUT OF NOTHING” banker-boy money for 20 years or w/ever! Builder-boy/vender is happy because..gets his money ‘instantly’ from the newly conjured up “OUT OF NOTHING” banker-boy money+buyer’s deposit of 10%. Banker-boy gets to pocket the ‘interest charge re-payments’ on the conjured up “OUT OF NOTHING” 90%. Getting the hang of it yet?… WHICH IT CREATES OUT OF NOTHING.

    See how it works? Smell like democracy to you? Private citizens with ‘charters’ creating money “out of nothing”..and loaning it to their fellow citizens at interest.!! The house or whatever now represents that new money. So you see how vast amounts of the world’s new money are created? ..”out of nothing”
    Money is the life blood of our exchange system.The major error was to let a bunch of ponce gits and criminals issue charters and take charge of it..attempting to Legitimise the greatest theft in history,amounting to TRILLIONS.

    Then we wonder why the world has gone mad! Government/the State should oversee and regulate the creation of money through a State Bank in a true democracy…not be borrowing it from private bankers at interest!.and 9:1 conjured up “out of nothing” money at that!.aagghh!.It was never going to work!..any smart 5-year could tell you! They obviously chose to keep us ignorant of their artifice because its makes for easier fleecing and keeps slaves in better working order.

    We need to get real and rescind these ‘charters’. licences to create,print and charge interest on money created “out of nothing”.Get real immediately. We need to reclaim back our monetary exchange system for its’s intended purpose. We also need to get our money/valuables they’ve duped us for back.We need to re-structure a new,fair and democratic monetary system.We should NEVER have let these bankers propagate with their artifice of fraud. WAKE UP TO IT. and pass it on. best pete

  4. paul says:

    Brian cowen is getting €3000 a week in a pension were paying it let put a stop to it now & stop rip off the people of Ireland

  5. Conor says:

    First we need to decide one thing – how we want to do this. Are we going to change the system or break the system? In other words, do we get what we want from inside the system, or outside? I dont claim to have the answer to which on is better, though I do have ideas about how to do both. The next thing we need to figure out is the economic system. We cannot simply stay inside the system and not pay. We need to design a new system, or find a way to pay that passes the burden to the people who got us in this mess.

    Personally, Im 16. According to the laws of our land, its impossible for me to change anything from the inside. At the same time, I believe changing the system to make capitalism work FOR us is a lot easier than designing a different system. Ive got ideas from starting a political party to starting a new nation. If you want to discuss anything, contact me at [email protected]

  6. JOE says:

    did you see the occupy dame street guy (govt. shill)
    on 15th october standing up and saying
    “this is a global problem, we need a global solution”
    this is EXACTLY what brown/blair/cameron/obama have been calling for!

    and the idiots at these protests are repeating all this… like fools! its a form of mind control!! getting the masses to repeat something so that it enters there sub-conscious mind! remember hitler?
    this is a govt. organised revolution to create a “new world order”. only there getting the people to call for it!!!
    getting the people to call for higher taxes etc!!
    the govt. knew there were world wide revolutions brewing… so they started the movement so they could control the demands being made.

    • eoin says:


      capitalism is in global crisis – this is a global problem.
      The rich are using their financial power to explout the rest of us – this is a global problem.
      In most countries with democraticly elected governments, the governments are either willing puppets to the rich or they have their hands tied by the rich – this is a global problem.

      If you disagree that any of these are global problems then please explain to me why i am wrong.

      IMO the reason we need a global solution as well as many local solutions to these problems is this:

      when one country acts alone in the interests of its people and against the interests of the financial elite (the markets) they are quickly punished by the markets, capital is withdrawn, speculation ravages the economy etc.

      global action is required to combat these problems.

  7. cpanel vps says:

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  8. JOE says:


    IF OWS AND dame street where not controlled by the financial elite… THEY WOULD BE TELLING THIS TOO EVERYONE!!! WHY ARNT THEY???

    do you think the protests would get so much media coverage if these were anti estiblishment??

    we do not need banks!! they create money out of thin air and lend it to the public!


    • eoin says:

      “we do not need banks!! they create money out of thin air and lend it to the public!”

      It seems from your comment that you misunderstand fractional reserve banking.
      this is common and is dus to the misinformation being spread around by self proclaimed experts (or mesiahs) like Alex Jones et al.
      when you lodge 100 in a bank which is operating a 10% minimum fractional reserve the bank can loan out 90 and must keep at least 10. when this 90 is deposited in another bank they can lend out 81 and must keep 9 in reserve, this goes on and on. with an infinite amout of transactions this would reach 1000 (10 times the initial deposit).

      this is at odds with the fractional reserve system that the Conspiricy theory industry describes. They say that when you deposit 100 in a bank that bank can lend out 1000, when that is deposited in an other bank they can lend out 10,000 etc.
      this is NOT TRUE.
      If you do not believe me then consider this: with a deposit of €100 a bank could turn this into 1,000,000,000,000,000 simply by making 15 very simple and quick transactions.
      This is many times the total money in existance.

    • Camilla Macauley says:

      ‘No freeman arguments have ever been recognised in court; some have even explicitly ruled that the term “freeman on the land” has no legal significance.[1] This won’t stop freemen from claiming they work.’

      ‘A lot of freeman ideas revolve around bizarre interpretations of entries in Black’s Law Dictionary (a favourite reference for freemen), and inventing or seeing distinctions where there are none to support their beliefs’

      ‘Freemen are typically members of the green ink brigade and often indulge in various other conspiracy theories, as well as strong anti-government and anti-corporate sentiments. Freeman ideas are often used to try to escape tax and debt repayment by arguing that they are not required to pay tax, or even to argue that borrowed money was theirs to start with.[2] Freeman ideas are so far out that even arch-crackpot Alex Jones thinks it’s quackery (seriously, see for yourself)[3] and agrees that using them will probably get you sent to jail.’

  9. Tim says:

    Its very complex guys. I think if you asked 100 people what the ODS objectives are you would get 100 different answers. And maybe thats a good thing, we all know something isn’t right.

    However, however, simplistic assertions that we should “take back our oil” and that the debts are the just the problem of the banks and the bondholders are over simplistic (sorry) and are made in contrast to the broader systemic approach of the commentary coming from OWS.(and i admit i’ve only heard some of it, and it may change course over time). I’m glad this is happening but for every person that i hear that says something that i agree with someone else says something that is wide of the mark for me.

    We need of course to end corruption in the financial industry.

    We need to end corporatism(i think that honest capitalism is not to blame, but maybe you don’t?)

    We need to ask ourselves if central planning of monetary policy is what we want. (do we want central banks)

    Are we prepared to face that evil(inelastic money supply) in preference to the evil we now face or are we just in a tricky spot and having a tantrum?

    Do we want banks to be able to lend, and at what multiples.
    Should bankers themselves be made responsible for bank failures and personally liable in some way as is the case with “privatebankers” in switzerland.

    Do we think that big financial houses and groups should be broken up to prevent the too-big-to-fail problem?

    Do we want to stay in EU.

    Just throwing these out there. I don’t really know what we should do.

    We are also looking at an energy crunch and possible/probable runaway global climate change – so maybe we should that stuff too.

    I’m going back to sleep now

  10. Pat says:


    I am a randomer who agrees with a lot of what’s being said by ODS. I think the socialising of private debt was a mistake which should be undone. The banks losses should not be made the people’s losses (Which contrary to ughs assertions, agrees perfectly with the ideals of OWS). This extra debt is what is crippling Ireland and forced us away from the markets and into a bailout, which is how the IMF and ECB gained control.

    I take issue however with the demands over natural resources. Even in Norway, most of the advantages from these resources comes from taxation of the companies, both private and state owned, which are exploiting them, and although I have no issue with democratic reform as such, I am more in favour of an overhaul of the people in power rather than the system of government.

    These issues, with which my views do not align, seem so central to the ODS protest that I feel uncomfortable lending my overt support. And while I think your insistence on party neutrality is admirable, and I myself am party independent, it was clear to me that many of your supporters are using the protest to attempt to further unrelated political agenda’s (I was handed a 4 page,duplex, document containing an anti-’nato in libya’ essay on arrival at your last march.) which makes the ban on party participants seem hypocritical.

    Anyway, I just wanted to get that off my chest as it’s been bugging me because I really strongly agree with some of your goals, but I cannot wish you all the best or every success when your goals include objectives with which I do not agree.

  11. James says:

    You have to admit though that we the Irish people are guilty of contributory negligence in this whole mess and as such are also acountable.
    At no point in 2005/06 during the height of the boom did anyone stop and think that “maybe it won’t last forever”, top economists such as David McWilliams predicted it would happen and were laughed at for it, not just by the government but by everyone.
    At the end of the day, the banks are a business out to make money,At the height of the boom everybody wanted their slice of the pie which the banks were more than happy to sell to them on credit.
    People should never have taken out mortgages on hugely over-priced houses and apartments that they could never have afforded to pay back. We were all living in a dream world and in the end got the sad reality check that we were all due. The notion that only 1% caused this mess is complete rubbish, the entire 100% contributed to our present day situation (granted some contributed a larger percentage to it) and it’s about time we stopped doing the old Irish thing of blaming everyone else but ourseelves and started taking some God Damn responsibility for our actions.

    • Pat says:

      Excuse me? I have no mortgage, I currently have no debt whatsoever. I have never taken a loan I would not be able to cover even in extremis, no matter how much the banks pushed one on me. I refused to buy a house during the boom, or even the initail bust, because my long term plans didn’t support it and I thought the prices were ridiculously high. (And they still are btw) There were a lot of people around my age(mid-twenties) who felt the same way. Many of them (my friends) have left the country. There’s nothing for them here. My fiance and I are only staying because we want to build our careers and a future, and for the next few years at least that means staying in Ireland to be together. But if we stay long term we’ll be expected to pay off the private gambling debts of bank investors? And apparently we’re the lucky ones because we refused to be idiots? No, we’re the lucky ones because if those who were idiots don’t sort their mess out we can up sticks and be driven from the land of our parents and families. Yeah, that’s real lucky :/

  12. JOE says:

    wake up people. occupy movements are a con. they are calling for what the illumanatai want.
    the mainstream media didnt report on the freedom bus telling people they didnt need to repay banks, did they?
    of course not. because they dont want that.
    any movement not calling for a DEBT FREE CURRENCY….
    an END TO UNLAWFUL BANK DEBTS and telling people about FREE MAN ON THE LAND, is a con.
    stop paying taxes and bank loans, and you will take there power…. instead of campaigning to give them more power to tax people. WAKE UP

    • eoin says:


      “any movement not calling for a DEBT FREE CURRENCY….
      an END TO UNLAWFUL BANK DEBTS and telling people about FREE MAN ON THE LAND, is a con.”

      that is amazingly closed thinking. basically you are saying that anyone with an opinion different to you is part of a con.

      Instead of making pointless assertions like that maybe you should try to back up some of your statements. By back up, i mean you should use logical arguement not just type in capitals.

      what did your freedom bus achieve?
      did that “freeman on the land” stuff work when the driver was arrested and brought to court?
      why did he ask that his “supporters” leave for his second court appearance?
      can you give me one example of this freeman stuff working for anyone in an irish court? I have only heard of 2 confirmed instances of it being attempted and on both occaisions it failed miserably.

      IMHO “freeman on the land” idealogy is a mix of half brained pseudo-legal mumbo jumbo and dangerous right wing political beliefs, most of which have been inheirited from the right wing fundamentalist christian tradition in USA. The roots of the whole freeman on the land movement takes its roots and idealogy from extreme right wing americans.
      I would speculate that the freeman on the land movement is being lead and used by these right wing americans (OIL OIL OIL) to oppose environmentalism and defend neo-liberal capitalism.

      if i am mistaken on any of the above points then please correct me – but back up your statements.

  13. RasTinny says:

    Ugh First of all no one is saying we should stop paying taxes or regular EU contributions. People are against the idea that the Public has to cough up for what private speculators gambled and lost on Bond markets. If you think that we are suppose to pay for peoples gambling debts you are crazy: Fuck you!

  14. uno says:

    Ugh, you don’t seem to realise that it should not be Ireland’s responsibility as a whole to pay back the debts of developers & banks who should have gone bankrupt by now. EU ‘rewards’ have nothing to do with that. We are not ‘paying back’ the EU assistance, the money is going to the banks. Any logical person should see that this does not make sense if capitalism is to work at all, you have to let the failures actually fail.

  15. Georg R. Baumann says:

    EU-Commission is an unaccountable and undemocratic force with the goal to destroy democracy.

  16. Ugh says:

    Ireland has to pay its responsibilities, the fact you steal the OWS name is hideous. OWS WANTS PEOPLE TO PAY TAXES. They’re socialist to a point. And want big companies/government to pay back their responsibilities.

    Ireland reaped the rewards of the EU now it’s in for the bad times and it has to pay back.

    Fuck you guys

  17. Georg R. Baumann says:

    For your consideration:

    It is good advice!

  18. Glen Forbes says:

    I’d to leave some poems I’ve written, I hope it inspires the cause! I added one as a reply on the Facebook page but it doesn’t seem to want to let me post them! You are welcome to reprint and post out. We can change things, we can make any world we can imagine :)


    Out of work and unemployed,
    Days come in, days go out,
    The sun still rises and sets nonetheless,
    Tuesday mornings on the que,
    The smell of coffee, the crinkle of newspaper turning,
    The grumble of the annoyed and put down,
    The ones who do all the work on the ground,
    All taken away from them to prop up the rich,
    And institutions which should be institutionalized,
    Certified insane.

    I look at this world and dream,
    Knowing one day it will be mine,
    Just bide my time.
    These concrete streets once a politicians I’ll own,
    No one will go poor, from their homes no one will be thrown,
    No longer built on salt and sand,
    This green country will be on stronger land
    It will start with refusal, and then with removal,
    And then firecrackers will colour our grey skies,
    With the bankers we’ll cut their ties,
    And prosper again,
    Through my fingers will fall grain,
    Not given to greedy, for others to attain,
    It will still rain but we will rejoice,
    As our grain becomes gold so bright,
    Gods would be jealous to behold.

    My kingdom will be fair in everyway,
    It will not stifle bee nor blossom,
    Fish will swim as they once did,
    Trees will proudly sway,
    Throwing out their leaves like confetti,
    On the winning team that grew from decay.
    My land will be grand and famous,
    For the good things only,
    For my fathers’ pride and my mothers’ love,
    And the others who will look from above.

    I will still sweep my streets,
    They will not be left to rot,
    I will still clean my house,
    These things are not beneath me,
    I will not forget where I’ve been,
    Will not forget the shoulders that helped me ascend,
    Will not forget those when I was in need, were friends,
    It is all ahead of us,
    Over my house let my flag unfurl,
    For I’m about to rule the world……


    The revolution begins,
    Fly the flag of rebellion,
    Fly it in their faces,
    Let them see us,
    No longer underfoot,
    We rise!
    Attack and over-take,
    Form columns to support, throw away the trembling sticks
    Put the Public back in republic,
    Tear down their castles and remove them from their thrones,
    They were never our kings, Lead-our pretend leaders away,
    And bring them to the real world, look from the outside,
    Storm their castles and remove their gards,
    Put those who should already be there behind bars,
    Make it quick make it swift, let those who deserve it,
    Be rewarded the thrift,
    We will rule, not you, not you.
    Fly the flag, our kingdom comes,
    The bright future you cannot offer will be our one…


    I look from the que on Tuesday morning,
    The grey surrounding me,
    Grey skies, walls, faces, floor,
    Not a glimmer of happy,
    Except the one inside called hope.
    Fill my pockets which are empty,
    No one smiles apart from me,
    Because I know one day coming,
    This will be all mine,

    And no longer the struggle,
    Comfort and care will over-develop,
    Common sense which is uncommon
    Will be penetrating,
    Grey will no longer be, colour will be everywhere,
    And it will all work in harmony, as one,
    Those who caused it, shunned,
    My coat will have no holes,
    My hat no longer torn,
    No longer will they worry in the winter
    If they can afford the warm.

    Pride, not a tigers, this time lions,
    His white and sandy mane will inspire,
    And bring smiles to sadness,
    Riches to those that need,
    My sister will work in a school for the needy,
    That doesn’t need charity or to fundraise for remedy,
    My Father will no longer complain,
    He will have a smile of approval,
    The old will not fear, the young will not waste,
    Those who have travelled will be accepted
    as gifts for their uncommon tastes,
    There will not be suspicion or rift.
    Those who deserve will be given the thrift.

    So no longer look down, rise up from the sinking ground,
    Fly your flag on the street and over your houses,
    My kingdom will be better than this

  19. Georg R. Baumann says:

    Greetings from Donegal,

    Ireland is occupied territory without a legitimate government, it is ruled by IRISH ECB-IMF compliance managers and their enforcers, the EU Commission instead.

    The spineless leaches of this rotten to the core political system sold this Nation and their people to the vultures, they are still doing it. Yesterday 70 million Euro were paid out to bondholders, on November 2nd, the equivalent of one billion US Dollar will be paid out to Anglo Irish Bank bond holders.

    The current establishment continued a policy of secrecy and behind closed doors arrangements, nothing changed in Ireland, nothing. People were refused a referendum on the banking matters, but given the farce of the presidential election instead.

    Brussels is a besieged city, besieged by powerful Lobbies that created a LAWS FOR CASH culture. There are many examples for that happening.

    Banks are supposed to work on behalf and for the people, and not the people for the banks.

    The notional value of toxic derivatives they flooded the globe with is around a quadrillion US dollar, the real value only known to Banksters, and this is precisely the blackmail card they are playing since years, and politicos are swallowing it.

    They created a parasitic economy, the globalized financial Industry, which sucked the life blood from the real economy, and is designed to enslave generations of people into this debt trap.

    They never stopped doing this since 2008, not a single day, on the contrary, every time when G20 or EU finance ministers met and came out with another round of programs, EFSF, ‘bailout’ number 5, and so on, the traders in toxic derivatives ordered extra lines of cocaine, as the following weeks the curves go straight up. They go up with the same certainty that tonight someone in Dublin is drinking a Guiness. They are making profits from this, substantial profits. Deutsche Bank alone charged over 400 million Euro in fees on the last CDS trade cycles.

    There is no need for this financial Industry to exist, on the contrary, they are like a metastasized tumor that is killing entire nations.

    People are slowly waking up to these facts. It is this leviathan the rpiesthood of inflation and deflation is establishment is afraid of, in fact they are trembling in their boots, and so they shall, as it is a powerful entity they unleashed, the only one that really counts, the TRUE SOVEREIGN…..THE PEOPLE!

    Thank you all for being there! Many more shall come, many more….