“Don’t tell your children you sat back and did nothing”

This week three unsecured senior bond repayments of taxpayers money will have made to failed gamblers:

€ 864,553,314 to AIB on Monday
€ 2,200,000 to IL&P and € 5,870,000 to IL&P on Tuesday
€ 10,000,000 BoI on Wednesday.

A total of €882,623,314 in one week.

Meantime we need to pay property taxes, levies, water taxes ….accept the closing of hospitals and nursing homes, cuts in special need education, paid-cuts, etc, etc.

Wednesday the 22nd of February 2012

Join at 11am at #OccupyDameStreet camp to help prepare placards.

1pm at Dail Eireann, Kildare Street, Dublin 2

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