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  1. Darragh says:

    wow Iv been away for 2 days and I miss the place so much. Come down everybody this eve and see how our democratic process works when we decide wether or not to pass a proposal to march alongside the DCTU.

    It contentious because one of our core guidelines says that we do not march with affiliated banners (maby a slight correction need on that definition is needed) and there will be both trade union banners and also political party banners. There is the reward of reaching a large audience but we would have to stand with organizations and political parties.

    What should we do? Come down and help us decide and have a look at what democracy looks like

  2. Con says:

    keep up the good work.
    What about chemtrails which are more and more visible on Dublin’s sky?
    Aren’t they going to stop poising us?

  3. occupy pittsburgh says:

    thank you occupy dame street for doing this with all of here at occupy pittsburgh

  4. Kevin WJK says:

    Short Term action 2 :

    demand 1000 negative equity families to deposit their stories in envelope for delivery to Government:

    Short term 3:

    Demand 50,000 supporters sign a petition to tell the IMF to get out of our country.

    Keep rocking the free world , we are with you always.

  5. Kevin WJK says:

    People you have all our support and most of our admiration,

    IMO….Your demands:

    Drop the debt,
    Return the resources,
    Kick out the IMF.

    Hay !!! all very attractive, but totally unachievable ( in the short to medium term).
    Set yourselves some shorter term goals also, so that you can feel the joy of accomplishment, sooner. .. Just a thought..:)

    For example : Demand the people give 10,000 signatures at the gates of Dail Eireann to compel the government to air our demands??

    Peace Love VVV

  6. kim says:

    Amazing to see some movement of sheeple. U guys in Dame Street are a core of people who will inspire the sheeple to rise up. Hang in there, i know it’s tough in this climate and i’d be there camping with you if i could. I’ll drop by the camp though whenever i’m able to.
    Keep up the good work

  7. pat says:

    I never got a loan I could not pay,I pay my bills in full and on time,I do not want to pay for the greed of others.I never had Quin insurance or got any money from them I do not want to pay the levy. I want services for the weaker members of my society to be maintained or improved.

  8. gus mac donald says:

    top job people !
    wish i could be with you in person !

  9. Niamh Malone says:

    You have my full support,keep it up guys!

  10. AL says:

    aren’t you protesting in the wrong place??

    the central bank didnt put the debt on the people, it was the politicians?!!?

    • Cillian says:

      Wasn’t the Central Bank part of the problem concerning the lack of regulation over our commercial banks – wasn’t it the banks that were primarily culpable for the mess that were in? Now, I’m in no way letting the politicians off the hook either – they’re just as bad. That said, the EU/IMF officials also visit the central bank during their inspection trips to Ireland, so I really couldn’t think of a better site for the protest camp!

      Power to Occupy Dame Street!!!

  11. James says:

    Do you guys have a manifesto like the Occupy Wallstreet Movement? In which you outline your goals, any sort of alternatives to the current system and replies to counter-arguements against the movement?

    Thanks for your time,


  12. dOlier says:

    Interesting article in Mother Jones:

  13. Maurice says:

    Get your act together – The Bank of Ireland Plaza is in COLLEGE GREEN,Not “Dame Street”.
    Anyway the best of luck.

  14. Colm says:

    Keep going this is amazing and you have my full support! Keep me a tent space :)

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