General Assembly 28-11-11

Day 52


Given the recent consensus to reschedule GAs for Monday, Wednesday & Friday, with active participation meetings on Tuesday & Thursday, tonight’s GA relates to agenda items for both.


A number of items came from last Saturday’s Irish Occupy meeting, with participants from camps in Belfast, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Waterford & Dublin.


Items for this week’s agenda:

-             Emergency response plan for
supporting other #Occupy Groups in times of crisis

-             Sending people to help support the camp in Rossport (Shelltosea)

-             Plan to move people between occupations in Ireland.

-             Discussion of the use of existing online forum. How this can best help Irish occupy groups.

-             Conversation regarding the Irish constitution (“Arrows Not Targets”). The Government are to begin accepting submissions for amendments the constitution. Proposal to look at coordinated submission between occupy camps.

-             Discuss proposals for direct actions relating to specific budget cuts.




1. Budget actions & constitution submissions to be discussed in this weeks GAs. All other items to be discussed at meetings on Tuesday or Thursday.


2. Budget actions to be prioritised this week. Consensus to discuss on Wednesday and give some time on Friday, followed by discussion of Constitution proposals.


Any Other Business:


1. Wednesday – a soup kitchen will be set up outside the Dail to feed hungry people. Helpers needed. Farmers are contributing produce for the soup kitchens.

2. The Spectacle of Defiance & Hope were on site to discuss the plan for next Saturday and play a music set.



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