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  1. Beau Borrero says:

    hey check out this new song I wrote for the movement

    Beau Borrero

  2. Nostril O'Toole says:

    I am a pensioner with a €1000 Car Tax Demand.

    It is unfair, unjust and plain daft!

    It has forced me off the road after 40 years paying car tax.

    I have started an ePetition to the Minister for Finance to change it.

    How about some support and signing it?

  3. Glenda Good Witch Of The North says:

    Hello all,
    Full time working professional graphic designer will help with anything I can. For free. If needed.

  4. owenmccann says:

    here’s an interesting sketch regarding the occupy movements lack of focus..

  5. Georg R. Baumann says:

    Occupy All County Councils, COUNTRYWIDE

    Coordinate a country wide occupation of County Councils until

    1. Household charges and
    2. Water charges are removed

    Setup a website that informs people and asks whether they agree to both charges or not.


    Because: It is estimated that there are some 1.6 million residential properties that will be liable to the charge.

    If you get that right and mobilize enough people to seriously disrupt every county council in the country for as a long as it takes, you will create a success that THE PEOPLE achieved. It is an example, and from there on things can change.

    • Eefa says:

      The household tax is not mandatory, it is only a tax which needs ur consent for it to be paid. Here’s a link on what to do so u don,t have to pay it. Basically just done refuse to pay it as that means ur admitting u we them money but dont want to give it to them. This is a really useful link. Hopefully everyone does this:

  6. Jules says:

    Here’s hoping to discuss some economic alternatives at the next Outreach on Sat 10th December:

  7. ANTONIO says:

    have to say to all the people who think its a private club , i was down there for the last 2 days and 1 day last week and i got tea went into the kitchen got nice food , helped out , got to talk to some of the people and i didnt get the “private club feeling” , had some gr8 discussions last night with people there and a few bankers out drinking in town.. .. ..

  8. Significantly More Than 1% says:

    FAO : fownes st/dame st resident:

    Go down to your local Garda station and make a complaint about these horrible vermon. Get them forcibly moved on. The “Occupy” movement is nothing but a sham. Ruining people’s lives without any consideration. They should tear gas the lot of them.

  9. stephen says:

    hi i love the notions or idiology behind the occupy movement world wide. my experiences when i go down to the camp in dame street has been disapointing. it just seems like a private club. their is no access for none club members. could some one consider takeing a few of those pallets down and allowing the general public access to your private club.

    like many other people i was exasperated when the eight people blocked the attempt to vote on the march alongside the union. it seemed to put a stamp on the attitude of the camp, like we dont care what the majority of people want, we like devalera only have to look into our pure true hearts to know whats best for the people of ireland and the occupy movement.

    i have had troubil with the security too. what ever little rules or regulations you want to impose on yourselves is your own buissness but dont try imposeing them on me. i had one person come out from behind your little partition and threaten me with the police because i smoke a spliff. for a start i consider spliff to be my religious and cultural right and i am insulted by your cultural and religious discrimination. but even apart from that, what kind of mentality are you fostering down their that allows you to threaten ordinary people who are not harming any other living souls, with the police?
    one last point
    on monday night i called round and could see half a dozen or more people in the little club house or wooden structure. some one was standing outside the hut but inside the area cordoned off by pallets. i asked the person stood outside if it was an “exclusive club” and was told that “yes. pretty much at this time of the night.” no doute if the bloke on the door had known me i might have been permited entry or perhaps if i was younger or had dread locks or what ever but its like the actuality is the exact opposite of the ideology.
    i dont say these things just to be negative. but the personal experiences i have had have taken the wind out of my enthusiasim. no doute i will continue to call in but the exclusive eletest attitudes are getting me down. all the best and up the revolution.

  10. Kevin says:

    Happy Birthday to the Fed!!!

  11. Michael Maher says:

    Hi there,

    Money being missapproprited from Irish banks with the help of the government is trying to be covered up by judges and the politicians.
    Enda Kenny and Eamon Gilmore refuse to see that I get reasons as to why my right to freedom of expression has been indefinately restricted. Is it because I have evidence of the government helping to missappropriate money from Irish banks?

    Michael Maher

  12. Parachutes says:

    Parachutes invite you to participate in a full day workshop.
    ‘Consensus Decison Making for Groups’
    Consensus decison making aspires to reach agreement and decisions that groups can
    happily implement through fair and supported group participation.
    Is consensus a tiring,struggle. Or is it a creative,dynamic and fun way to achieve
    decisions and action. How can we use consenssu without some laerning experience and exploration of the process? We will explore these curious questions and the
    process and tools avilable to work well with consensus decsion making in groups..

    when:,04 December, 2011, 11.00-16.00

    where: Seomra Sproai,10 belvidre Court D1.

    .A social centre in Dublin 1.
    Contributions for workshop are
    by suggested Donation of 5 euro for the full day.8 Euro including lunch.

    booking is adviced please conatct Parachutes at :[email protected]


    in apprection all at

    Parachutes is a facilaiation,workshop and communications collective.We are non
    profit ,supporting the community in joyful resistance.

  13. Mark says:

    Unfortunately the 99% are too busy listening to Lady GAGA or more interested in voting for big brother contestant than voting for their freedom.

  14. Daithi says:

    Hi guys,

    I’m down the country and working full time so I can’t make it up to support you. How can I help you guys!?

    Keep it up, fight the power!

  15. fownes st/dame st resident says:

    lower the volume please – can you please please please consider ordinary people living near where you are camped. the noise is ridiculously high from your pa system and its actually unbearable. i work 10 hours a day, 6 days a week and also am tryin to study on top of this. however i cannot even relax in my own home, let alone complete my studies since you lot decided to set up camp. as you carry on til around 11pm mon to fri and seem to have found ireland worst bands to enterain yourselves with at the weekend, (that mis-elaine-eous person from finglas actually made my ears bleed), i cannot cope. please lower the volume and please consider residents.

  16. clare leonard says:

    To the comments “when will you simpletons leave Dame Street”
    I wish to say to you. I believe in free markets and the rule of law , not fraud markets and crony capitalism or crony trade unions, I do not believe in profits being privatized and losses being socialised.
    That is robbery.
    The fact that these banks are being bailed out of financial destruction they caused is a crime and a disgrace.
    We did not cause the global economic devastation.

    and you had better get used to us being in Dame Street
    as we do not intend leaving until we restore the rule of law
    People worldwide have lost their pensions their jobs and their homes. We want justice and we will go home when we get Justice.
    In the meantime perhaps you might learn where to look
    for the real scum in our society.

    • Significantly More Than 1% says:

      Hi Clare,

      I agree with every point you make with regards to the economic treason that we are currently in the midst of.

      What I do not agree with is a group of people (who have ulterior motives – Shell To Sea protesters) living in tents on a public street in my city. I ask you, what do you think the reaction would be if members of the travelling community decided to park up on Grafton St? They would be removed immediately. Those that are camped on Dame St daily are predominantly hippy idealists that do not contribute to society, they are not representative of the people of this country. If you want to march on a Saturday, fine, I’ll join you, but living in tents on Dame St is not acceptable.

    • fownes st/dame st resident says:

      i wish to say to you –
      you are actually RUINING my life.
      im goin to end up losing my job thanks to your peaceful and VERY LOUD protest – im not gettin enough sleep as im having to stay up until all hours to get my studies done, i earn shit money, pay huge rent, have forked out thousands of euro on a course i cannot get peace to concentrate on and im actually considering moving out of my own home. so please occuppy dame street, can you pay my forfeited deposit, refund me over 5 grand which ive wasted on fees oh and pay my doctors bills cos youre going to have me on valium. inconsiderate, thats all you are. 99% of people would be throuwing rocks at you if you camped outside their front door.

  17. LuvinLunch says:


    Wanted to donate some money. Think you’re great. Haven’t time/freedom/stamina to go down there myself but would like to give you a few bob to do so on my behalf. I think that’d be a better use of my money than the taxes I pay the government.


  18. Significantly More Than 1% says:

    When will you simpletons leave Dame St?

    There are many health and safety issues with you “camping” there. You smell horrendous. You do not represent 99% of the general public, you represent 99% of hippy idealists. You do not represent me or the Irish people. Your colleagues (if you can call them that) in Galway are jeopardising many small businesses by refusing to leave the area where a Christmas market is due to be situated.
    I cannot believe the Gardaí’s reaction to this, you should be forcibly removed. If a small group of travellers parked up on Dame St you can be sure that they would be moved on in a matter of minutes. Also one of your aims of this ‘protest’ is to highlight the shell to sea campaign, do us a favour and go back to whatever cave it is you came out of you horrible vermin.

    • Cillian says:

      I’m not part of ODS, but if you have any faith in this current global economic system (in the current form), you’re a brave man. Looking at the way things are going, do you want a Victorian society where the vast majority of us eventually end up living like peasants working for the gratification of a few? If you think the current world order is even sustainable, then you’re deluding yourself.

      IMO, the severity of financial situation itself is basically down to the 1% who seem to think the world owes them a living – would the word be global spongers. Would the global financial crisis be a result of trying to sustain the global social welfare system for the rich. Sorry if I’m being a bit awkward, but I seriously don’t think the current situation is right!

    • Bill says:

      Your comments are vile.You sound like a real scumbag.

  19. Peadar says:

    I currently live in New York. I continue to support the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators but I am even prouder of the Occupy Movement in my own Dublin. I wrote this song based on my experiences with the Occupy.

  20. Michelle Allen says:

    Im doing a project on Occupy Dame street And I was wondering if I could get contact details of 2 or more occupants if that would be possible. Should I ring the media contact number??

  21. SaraG says:

    Here’s NYPD footage from last night, show the world…

  22. Brian D says:

    I’d be intertested in doing security and helping out guys!! Can i just come in and speak to somebody??

    • occupydamestreet says:

      Yeah. Just come along – always nice to have people checking the camp out The security guys will be happy to talk to ya. :)

  23. Brian P Woods BSc, BA (econ + politics) says:

    Enjoyed my visit today (Tue 25th). Very informative. You have a long journey. But you have taken the first steps. If you need someone to give a short talk on the FIRE economy. Send me a line.


  24. john says:

    get homes all over ireland and the world to put up buntins or flags or anything to show support pick a slogan or colour day buy day people will see .the general public are to big to fail, Tiocfaidh ár lá

  25. Dave says:
    can you spread the word for this global event please?


  26. Adam Wojtkowiak says:

    I just saw yours protest today and I have been put my film on You Tube

  27. TR says:

    When will the livestream be up again?? Last night was fantastic. Keep up the good fight…



  28. jason kearney says:

    can i suggest you set up a mailing list option somewhere on the site?

  29. Vivienne says:

    Hello everyone at Dame Street,

    Myself and a friend were thinking of joining you and camping Friday night, is there room for a 2woman tent in the space you have set up for camping? And I’ve seen your wishlist but which item are you most desperate for at the moment? I’m so impressed with you all.


  30. Michael says:

    Where do you folks go to the toilet?

    All the best,


  31. occupydamestreet says:

    TCM, please feel welcome to use any text or video on the site.

  32. TCM says:


    We are an Irish breaking news website and we would like any material, text or photos, from your protest. We are covering the Occupy Wall Street protest and thought it only fair to give your protest more coverage as it is in Ireland.

    Many thanks

    • Zedge Hero says:

      Feel free to use this weeks segment I did on Occupy Dame Street for anyones use. Spread the word, let people know that it’s the United Banking Cartel versus us,not me versus you, for we are the many, and they are the few. )

      It’s actually 99.9% versus 1/10 of 1% – Paul Krugman -NY Times