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  1. ann sweeney says:

    fully support your action, will be there on 12th would like to assist on the logistics for the day and a plan to engage all those who participate in some forum of a national peaceful resistance movement, selling it to the common man/woman may need a marketing head, u may use you song from my website welcome to the new reality if its of use.
    ann sweeney

  2. Kate says:

    Hi Guys,

    I think what you are doing is great. We need to stand up to the unfairness of current social policy and start to put people before the interests of big business.

  3. Sharon Whyte says:

    Keep up the good work! I think what you are all doing is fantastic. I wish more of us had the courage to do it.

  4. Richard Morrison says:

    People Power! Well done to all involved so far, The Irish people will prevail slowly but surely, as austerity begins to affect more and more people so our numbers will grow. However it will be a long road so be prepared as Dublin is only a regional office for our true rulers in Brussles. Unfortunately for the ECB the Irish are good at long term resistance and resolve……
    Power to the people!!!!

  5. caroline crowley says:

    hope at last. I am so moved and encouraged. I hope to visit soon. Was just talking to my family today about ways out of this manmade situation, gandhi’s thinking came up and your principles are truly gandhi-ist. Beir bus

  6. James Condon says:

    Keep up the good work, word is spreading

  7. fownes st/dame st resident says:

    November 11, 2011 at 9:02 PM

    lower the volume please – can you please please please consider ordinary people living near where you are camped. the noise is ridiculously high from your pa system and its actually unbearable. i work 10 hours a day, 6 days a week and also am tryin to study on top of this. however i cannot even relax in my own home, let alone complete my studies since you lot decided to set up camp. as you carry on til around 11pm mon to fri and seem to have found ireland worst bands to enterain yourselves with at the weekend, (that mis-elaine-eous person from finglas actually made my ears bleed), i cannot cope. please lower the volume and please consider residents.

  8. VOLK_DEFENDER says:

    hopefully there won’t be a repeat of what happened in Oakland over here

  9. VOLK_DEFENDER says:

    Great work guys I’m proud that the Irish nation has finally stepped up to the big corporations and inequity that have been plaguing this country for almost a century.

    I would like to come up and show solidarity with you guys but unfortunately I’ve got prior commitments in Limerick at the minute.

    Keep up the good work you great men and women


  10. eoin says:

    I go down every day to show support.. its slowly getting bigger.. soon I hope to camp! Come on Ireland!!!!! Its the start of a revolution.

  11. Colm Moloney says:

    I did security volunteer for the camps first week but had to return down the country for studies…i am proud to have taken part in this historical event and have to say that the organisers were super efficent in every aspect of co-ordinating such an event.Of all the things i have done in my life,i will be foremost proud to tell my grand-children that i,in my own little way,helped occupy dame street.The only collective term i can see for all those who have chosen the central bank plazza as their new home is humanists.Power to the people.

  12. Liam O'Drisceoil says:

    If only it could work, keep up the good work, but who’s to say that if ye got into power in the world, how long would it take for ye to be come corrupted by the corrupting influence of power. Revolts will work in the short term, but not in the long term. Read Orwell. Look at history.

  13. Billy Bragg says:

    Although I am a millionaire and I live in a mansion that you can only dream about, I’d like to come around and play some of my “music” for you, and hopefully get a shitload of publicity for myself, I have to pay my council tax this month and its a fucker of a bill for my gaff.

  14. Niamh Malone says:

    Well Done!! It’s about time this was adressed properly,we need to expose these criminals for what they really are

  15. Greg says:

    Well done folks. I can’t understand the Irish people. We are such lapdogs. Hopefully this movement will start to change peoples views and get them to do something and stand up to the government. I will join you some lunchtime to give my support.

  16. Mel says:

    Support you guys 100%, sorry support US 100%, I am one of the 99% without a voice and came to you last Thursday, I will drop around again tomorrow (20th) and have just checked the “wishlist” and hope to help out with some technical needs. By way of “moral” support, I’ll contribute a loaf of my (very popular) bread to help on that front as well… See you all tomorrow!!

  17. Con O Leary says:

    An important aspect Saturdays March was that unlike
    almost every other protest March in the history of the state this
    one did not take its message to the Dail . Instead we marched to The Central Bank where some of the real rulers of Ireland conduct their business. By passing the impotent rubber stamp that is our national parliament and taking our protest to the Central Bank is hugely instructive to the majority of the Irish 99% as they struggle grasp what has truly occurred in the last three years . I will continue
    to support these marches . Thanks to everyone who are full time on Dame Street

  18. Alex Thompson says:

    Good to see a movement whose economic approach seems to involve protesting the extent to which banking failure has been socialised, rather than some vague and dogmatic ‘capitalism = greed’ agenda. The credibility of the concept of non-extremist relative centrists getting involved in even vehement protest needs to be recognised.

    People who unconditionally defer to the status quo will sarcastically parody protesters as asking ‘What has the ECB ever done for us?’, portraying the supposed stupidity of the question.

    What the ECB and Europe in general have done is coerced us into taking on debt to maintain their monetary unionism agenda, forcing our govt. to employ seemingly interminable austerity. As difficult as it can be for contemporary society to face, the unfortunate reality is that relative systemic revolution may be needed.

    I hope to be up to ODS at some stage, so, and perhaps even purchase a small tent if I can refrain from matching/exceeding my drinking budget for a week!

  19. Bryan says:

    Fully support you guys! Will pop in one of the days for a chat.

  20. Levi David says:

    Keep up the great work have dropped by a few times and stood around. Marched on Saturday, would like to camp for a night but difficult with young kids. Power to the people.