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News Release
Issued by Occupy Dame Street

Monday 21 November 2011
For Immediate Release



Acting on credible information Occupy Dame Street issued a call last night to request support in the event of possible court action today. As of yet no legal action has been initiated. We have engaged legal council who will advise us going forward. We would like to thank everyone who supported us in person at the Four Courts, on Dame St., and online.

Occupy Dame Street is very concerned about the current worldwide clampdown on non-violent resistance movements from the clearing of Zuccotti Park, NYC and the pepper spraying of peaceful protesters in University of California at Davis, through to the brutal and horrific suppression of peaceful protesters at Tahrir Square in Egypt. Occupy Dame Street stands in solidarity with our sisters and brothers worldwide.

These are extraordinary times which call for extraordinary actions. We call on the people of Ireland to be vigilant regarding the suppression of the right to peacefully protest. Should legal action be brought against us, we assure the people that we are prepared. We ask you to be ready to mobilise in the event of any attempt to clear the camp.

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Saturday 26th Nov. 8pm-12.30am

Cassidy’s Basement, Westmoreland St.

€5 before 10 – €8 after


Executive Steve



Captain Moonlight

Temper Mental Miselayneous

Organised by: Poster Fish Promotions

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Occupy Dame Street has today learned from media organisations and An Garda Síochána that the Central Bank of Ireland plans to seek a Court Order tomorrow morning in an attempt to stop the legal, legitimate and law abiding protest taking place. We have at all times sought to engage the banks in constructive dialogue about our concerns about the plight of the Irish people and society and remain ready to do so.

The campers intend to seek audience at the hearing and stand up for their rights to protest peacefully in what is considered a public place.

We need people at the four courts in the morning, Monday the 21st of November 2011 at 9.30am, for support. Meet outside the main entrance.

The camp has been up and running for 6 weeks and we have been good neighbours and have met many good neighbours. We do not know what has changed?

Press release:

Please take the trouble of sharing this event and please take the trouble of inviting your friends to this event.

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Fintan O’Toole, Irish Times columnist and author of Ship of Fools and Enough is Enough, spoke last night at #OccupyDameStreet as part of the ongoing #OccupyUniversity program, on the need for democratic reform in Ireland and the shape such reform might take. #OccupyUniversity is a series of public workshops and lectures hosted outdoors at the #OccupyDameStreet camp site and speakers have included Harry Browne, Anthony Coughlan, Sinéad Kennedy, Conor McCabe, Helena Sheehan, Michael Taft, Gavin Titley and many others.
Details of recent and future #OccupyUniversity events can be found at and on the #OccupyUniversity blog at

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#OccupyDameStreet established a pop-up Soup Kitchen outside the AIB bank on Grafton Street shortly after 4pm on Wednesday, 16th November. Drawing on the fantastic cooking skills on display almost every evening in the Dame Street Camp, passers-by were treated to free veggie soup to cries of “This is what Democracy cooks like”, information about #OccupyDameStreet was distributed, and the crowds demolished the fare in double-quick time. If you have an idea for a flash-mob, pop-up event or other form of Direct Action that you would like to organise, please drop into the camp or contact #OccupyDameStreet through this website or the comments below.

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Christy Moore, a veteran supporter of activism and protest, will be visiting the ongoing occupation of the Central Bank Plaza on Monday the 14th November at approximately 2pm.  Moore has endorsed a long list of causes, ranging from El Salvador to Mary Robinson in the 1990 Presidential Election. At the Glastonbury Festival in 2005 he sang about the Palestinian solidarity activist Rachel Corrie.

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